As part of the NETWORK TELEX GROUP of companies, our company is delivering telecommunication services and products for companies and individuals from Central and South Eastern European countries. 

     Our product range, designed to be used mainly in aviation, banking and maritime areas includes unique e-message services that deliver: telex, telegram, aviation messages,  SWIFT, legal letters, sms and fax technologies worldwide, as well as bespoke software solutions such as Telex-Net and Flight-Net software which integrate with other networks delivering ease and stability to the most demanding and secure business operations. Special equipments as modern telex units, AFTN terminals or various airport hardware tools, satellite phones etc are also part of our list.

     Your company can send and receive IATA and AFTN messages from any computer, tablet or Smartphone  using only your existing email provider, thus no dedicated hardware or special software is required.

     Once the message is sent, the message is automatically transferred and distributed across the global network to reach its destination, through our servers located in England.  You will receive an automatic notification by email showing the outcome of the transmission. This will confirm that the message has been sent or whether there was an user error. Every transmission act is time traceable and could be a proof of  the message sending; in case of user error, you will know the nature of that error and the time of each transmission attempt.

     All  messages addressed to you are automatically forwarded to your email addresses.

     THAT MEANS:  full autonomy either you are in your office, or at home, either you travel or you are in the middle of a meeting ,  you can send/receive or monitor  your IATA correspondence!

     Using  our  system is very easy: all you got to do is fill in the red fields.

     You pay only for the address and the messages you successfully send,  neither for the failures,  nor for the received messages. Your monthly invoice will clearly indicate all your correspondence.

     We  will provide  you a genuine  IATA  address, which  could be a new one,  or the existing one.

     To keep it short:

- ask for our standard price offer and prepare to be amazed!

- ask for a tailored offer and be deeply satisfied!

     As a bonus, you can use, with no subscription, our email based services : E-SMS, E-fax and E-telex.  Paying very convenient traffic  fees you can send your worldwide correspondents , messages that will reach them by SMS, fax, or telex .

There is no inconvenience !

You risk nothing, we provide:

- full  support and user instructions

- worldwide  references

- up to 15 days trial period, with no cost or obligations for your part !


For a personalized offer in aviation, banking or maritime telecommunication sector do not hesitate to contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.